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Author Topic: islam -a special experience  (Read 107 times)


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islam -a special experience
« on: October 26, 2021, 10:53:23 pm »
I wasn't quite sure where to put this, but decided here, even if it isn't really doctrinal.

Yesterday I had a special experience.

In Finland religion is taught in schools. Depending on your religion you can choose your religion, another religion or ethics -non religion. If the county has three or more pupils of certain religion who require classes on their religion, they have to organize it. Not all requite it, like members of our church usually don't but attend the Lutheran religion lessons to better understand our culture. If the church offers regular learning expriences, like ours does, it can also be chosen not to have any religion/ethics at school.

As a vice principal I am in charge of substitutes. Our "other than Lutheran" religion teachers are such that they teach in many different schools and the municipal office tries to get substitutes for them. Sometimes they don't manage that and then I have to somehow oranize it.

So yesterday I had the chance to teach islam. The class consists pupils from grades 1-6, our who primary school. The class is not the easiest, since there is also 3 pupils from 3 different special education classes (kids with behavioural/emotional issues). That is why there is also a classroom assistant from one of the special classes.

We have a monthly virtue in the school and next month it is gratitude, so I thought that would be a good topic. Since the knowledge of me teaching the lesson came during the school day, during a recess I quickly googled some scriptures from quoran about gratitude. I started the lesson with one of them.

I probably can't explain this well enough, but it was a very spiritual lesson. All the kids were quiet. All the kids participated. The classroom assistant was dumbfounded. She had never seen anything like that. Usually the lessons are hard, there is a lot of noises and disturbances of all sorts. She could not understand how the whole situation was possible.

We spoke about how God, Allah wants us to be grateful and how we can show gratitude to Him. We shared what we are grateful for. I felt the spirit strongly.

I thought about what made the difference. It is not because "I have the spirit with me". Unfortunately the effect is not seen in my own class. It was not because it was a religion lesson - I've taught them (not islam though) before and this has never happened in this way. I can only come to two conclusions: Reading the sciptures from Quoran brought the Spirit. Those words had been inspired by God. Spirit was able to stay, because we  talked about what is God's. And/ or there was a pupil(s) who needed to feel that Spirit, maybe needed it now or needed it to recognize it later.

I think we sometimes actually forget that the Holy Ghost does affect people everytime truth is spoken. That people (other than of our faith) can feel the Spirit. That all things of God are such that the Holy Ghost testifies of them, where ever they are found.

I wish I could feel like that on all of my lessons.

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Re: islam -a special experience
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2021, 08:53:36 am »
Thank you for sharing that great experience!

I actually love that the Church is going forward with an initiative to have better understanding of our Muslim brothers and sisters!


I have an (exhaustive!) Study Quran that I read about 2 pages from each day as a supplement to my scripture study. At this rate, it is taking years to get through, but not only does it include the verses of the Quran, but EXTENSIVE verse-by-verse commentary on the reception history and meaning traditionally understood from those verses, and their significance in the tradition. Also, several essays giving further context on history, theology, perspectives, etc. It's a fantastic, nuanced volume.

It's been a good experience.
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