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Board and Card Games (non-standard)
« on: April 07, 2020, 12:05:34 pm »
I thought there was a thread on this, but it either disappeared or I'm remembering incorrectly.
What slightly different board or card games do you like? I say 'slightly different' because there is a list of games that everyone knows--Sorry, Risk, Monopoly, Uno, Apples to Apples, Pictionary, Candyland--that everyone knows, so listing them is kind of redundant and uninformative. I'm talking of the kind of games that people MAY have heard of, but many haven't played and often they have no idea what they involve (and it is NEVER just getting to the end of the board based on dice rolls). Some of the more well-known 'slightly different' games are things like Five Crowns, Settlers of Catan, or Ticket to Ride, but there are SO, SO many more! 

Some games we have that we really like:
-Terra Mystica. it's AWESOME, but it takes FOREVER to get through the rules, so inevitably we start playing before we get through them, and then when we finally are at the level that we understand and are loving it, the game is over and we vow to play it before we forget the rules but we have to find more people so it takes too long and we have to start over again. :P
-Century Golem. There are a number of Century Games, and I guess they don't make this particular iteration anymore, but I love this game so much!  Relatively simple but fun!
-Colt Express. This one is extra awesome because the game 'board' is actually 3D cardboard models of stagecoaches and such. It's fun!
-Five Crowns. It's like a pumped-up version of gin rummy which I find oddly addictive.
-Ticket to Ride, specifically other variations like UK or Asia. LOVE this game, but my favorite version is online because a) it's way cheaper to access most of the maps, b) it's SO FAST without manual scorekeeping or fiddling with the pieces, and c) you can play with people far away.
-Power Grid. You are basically trying to build and grow a power network (with various types of power sources) to power a region. Never would have thought to make a game like this, but it is SMART and fun!
-Pandemic. OK, I actually hate this one (because we NEVER win), but it's a cooperative game (that is, all the players against the game itself) that's intense and kind of fun. Except for the always losing part. ;P
-Marrying Mr Darcy. Incredibly clever card-type game where you are each a heroine from the book trying to get marriage points, primarily by finding a suitable husband. Even the boys I know like it. Emma expansion is also good, but I will never play the zombie expansion (though I have it) because I HATE ZOMBIES.
-KnitWit. Very fun word game.
-Quiddler. Like Gin rummy (which I'm addicted to, remember), but with letters forming words instead of runs or sets!
-Starfarers of Catan. No longer in production, but a really fun variant on the Settlers of Catan games.

What others do you guys have and love?
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