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Health and Wellness / Re: The Saga chapter 2
« Last post by Iggy on Today at 09:48:48 pm »
Ah JanaLynn, you are so blessed to have a supportive husband and children. You are blessed in that their support is given in great love for you. Hubby and I are praying for you and your family, and will continue to do so for as long as the Holy Spirit guides us to do so.

I love you and your sweet family. Don't walk/work/"run" faster than is good for you. Don't push the pain level until you get the go-ahead from your Dr's.

Gentle hugs and fierce love from me. 
Health and Wellness / Re: The Saga chapter 2
« Last post by Roper on Today at 09:45:23 pm »
Oh, dear Jana Lyn, I'm so sorry you're going through this. Your courage inspires me. You move to another country and learn another language. You travel unaccompanied halfway around the world to meet people you know from an online forum. You become "Oma" to boy you only knew for two days. You get up really early, for years, to teach seminary. You serve in multiple callings in small branches because you know the work needs to be done and you know how to do it. What I'm trying to say is this: You've got this. You're brave and you're strong. And we'll be adding our prayers to yours. You've got this.
Politics / Re: SP asked and I delivered
« Last post by Roper on Today at 09:25:51 pm »
Making a claim is super easy and requires no thought beyond putting a few words together. Claims mean nothing until they are supported with evidence and reasoning. Then, they need to be verified. That's the standard we should insist upon when somebody makes a claim.

I've heard the word tyranny used hundreds of times over the past year in reference to our government. People mostly use it to justify rebellion or at least disobedience of some sort. When I ask for evidence of a policy which is cruel, unreasonable, or arbitrary, I get a list of "policies I don't like," none of which are even remotely close to fitting the definition of tyranny.

I've served in combat zones overseas. I've seen tyranny up close. American government ain't it, no matter how much you don't like the other party.

The sole purpose of giving a talk or a lesson in church is to speak and teach in a way which invites the Holy Spirit to testify of truth. The restored Gospel of Jesus Christ brings us to Christ in unity.

COVID restrictions = tyranny is not truth.
The impact of restrictions on the economy is not the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Leave that part out of the talk, and you've likely got all of your listeners with you in unity and faith.
Keep that part in your talk, and you've likely alienated a number of listeners with a political statement.
Which approach will prepare your listeners to receive the witness of truth and draw closer to Christ?
Politics / Re: SP asked and I delivered
« Last post by dyany on Today at 08:23:06 pm »
One thing I find interesting about this:
The talk, I am 95% sure, does not apply the 'tyrant' label to local leaders confined to the area of the stake.
As such, the leadership for whom mirkwood felt 'prompted' to censure were likely at a level beyond the scope of the stewardship and authority of his role and his audience.
There are persons for whom that higher governmental position is included in their stewardship. As such, the keys and duties to warn would lie within the scope of that church leader--area or general authority.
So, in my opinion, either the talk reaches beyond the scope of its stewardship, or else it was assuming authority which his position does not give him the keys to hold.

Under the Mosaic dispensation, such warnings and censures could come from multiple prophets at a time. Such was the management of the church then. However, in this dispensation, authority is more hierarchal and prophets do not, can not, and will not be randomly called.

At any rate, I am not within the stewardship covered by that stake. I appreciate and believe the parts of that talk covering principles covered by authorities which had stewardship over me. Other opinions stated therein I can and will ignore.
Member News / Re: Rambling by Iggy - book 2
« Last post by LMAshton on Today at 02:16:16 pm »
Oh my goodness! I hope you heal well, and quickly.
Politics / Re: SP asked and I delivered
« Last post by Enochscion on Today at 01:03:14 pm »
I think what people are getting at is that in the current climate certain statements or language are divisive. Whether it should or not, it turns off a portion of the audience.

Some people might not react that way, but I think the majority of people have some things they will react to like that. It seems like most people in the church, like most Americans, choose to strongly affiliate with a political party (or at least as conservative or progressive). If something is said that clearly places the speaker in one camp or another, people on the other side already see them as an opponent—yes even in the church. Most people don't really listen to the opposition. (For me, if someone says something that places them “firmly” in either of those camps it sets a stumblingblock for me listening to what they have to say.) In other words, identifying one’s perspective as aligned on one side of the political divide is choosing (generally unintentionally) not to speak to the people on the other side, unless they change their political views first.

It concerns me greatly that this is the case in our society and the church. We have become -ites. We are not united. I personally have a hard time believing we will ever be united as long as people self-identify as progressive-ites or conservative-ites. President Oak’s talk from a couple conferences ago encouraging people to switch which candidate they vote for or even which party they affiliate with from election to election or vote to vote implies to me that we as a people need to shift our allegiance more fully to the Gospel which cannot happen until we shift our allegiance away from our other affiliations. May I suggest that from President Oaks talk, it seems to me that if anyone always votes the same single party, they perhaps need to be more thoughtful.

I think we often times think that if Jesus appeared he’d vote the way we do, and I’m pretty sure just about everyone (including myself) would discover that we were mistaken in that assumption.

Now, some of you have been turned off from my post because I’m essentially telling you with righteous zeal that your party affiliations are “all wrong together”. On the other hand, I can almost guarantee that I could put together a scripturally based talk addressing the principles of unity in the church that people could listen to without any clear indication of my personal political viewpoints, and most people who don’t know me well would come away from it thinking I agreed with them on the most important political issues.

Which of these would help the most people in their efforts towards unity in the church? The one that immediately divides most of the audience from me, or the one that allows us to stay united by the beliefs we have in common? (I chose to include the approach I’m defining as less effective in my post for contrast and because this is a group of thoughtful listeners rather than a general congregational audience.)

Paul thought it was a good idea to speak to the Jews as a Jew, and to the Gentiles as a Gentile rather than to alienate either side, because his message of becoming united in Christ was the point, not the cultural differences that reinforced division.
Health and Wellness / Re: The Saga chapter 2
« Last post by pnr on Today at 12:59:54 pm »
When I read about your children coming to spend time with you, I thought what great days those will get to be even if the pain is awful.   Happy for that for you.
Politics / Re: SP asked and I delivered
« Last post by Jana at Jade House on Today at 12:48:42 pm »
I live in a village that until recently hosted hundreds of folk escaping tyrants.  I live in a country where we live waaaay to close to tryrants.  Some supposed EU countries are being run today...by tyrants.  Our news is full of horrifying desperate stories of populations under duress from tyrants.
So when I read Mirkwood's  talk, my brain got trapped by the refence to a tryrannical government.  It took me a while to decode what he meant.
And it was nothing at all compared to what I observe every day from my protected perch.
Over reaching? Ham handed?  Inexperienced? Even the Dutch goverment blew it badly when it comes down to it.
But again, my brain had to spend time decoding just what that meant.
And it affected my apppreciation of the rest of the talk.
Health and Wellness / Re: The Saga chapter 2
« Last post by AndrewR on Today at 11:15:51 am »
Weird this virtual ward thing. I do not know you, in the normal sense, I have not even met you. But this saddened me as much as if a member of my own ward had just told me this.

May God bless you with a speedy recovery.
Health and Wellness / Re: The Saga chapter 2
« Last post by Jen on Today at 10:17:43 am »
Yes, life changing. I pray for quick healing for your body and your emotions. I'm glad your children are coming. I hope that's a sweet time in the middle of a hard experience.
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