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Member News / I just need to let this out somewhere....
« on: December 04, 2016, 10:59:41 pm »
Some of you may have seen my related Facebook post...

Mini's boyfriend, Victor, is very ill.  I don't know what his diagnosis is, and frankly haven't asked.  But I do know that he has a brain tumor that has been growing rapidly and creating problems.  He had significant right side weakness, slowed speech, trouble swallowing, fatigue, and eventually started suffering from seizures.  He finally had his braces taken off over the summer so the doctors could get a good MRI, and they discovered that the tumor was larger than expected.

He underwent surgery in late September to remove a portion of the tumor with the intent of developing a vaccine from the excised material. The surgeon was able to remove more of the tumor than initially expected, approximately 90% of the total growth, and the vaccine was ready in mid-November.  However, within a week of starting that treatment, the tumor had grown to nearly double the size of what it had been BEFORE the surgery.  The assumption is that the vaccine has backfired and it's actually stimulating growth rather than killing the tumor, so the therapy was terminated.

The doctors are currently telling the family that there's nothing else they can do, and Victor's been transferred to a palliative care facility. The family is not ready to give up hope yet. Mom is researching non-traditional options, including some sort of experimental program in Mexico.  Victor is now unable to respond, but he is very clearly aware of what's going on around him and what people are saying to him.  Prior to becoming too incapacitated to respond, though, he was very insistent that he knew he had angels with him and was certain that he would recover. We have no reason to believe that he has lost his faith in this matter.

Victor is only 17. Every night I pray that a way may be found for him to overcome this, and that I may know how to prepare my daughter otherwise. I don't feel like either prayer has been answered yet. But I know Heavenly Father is fully aware of what is best for this young man, and that all is happening according to His plan. I feel so helpless, though.

I was diagnosed last week with hypertension. Based on my prior history, family history, and the fairly recent spike that coincides with a certain class of preventive medicine, it's pretty apparent that it's tied to the medication.  So I've been switched to a different type with a lower impact on blood pressure, been prescribed a diuretic (hydrochlorothiazide), had blood work drawn, and told to monitor my BP at home and come back in a month.

A few days prior to my diagnosis, I'd gotten a Fitbit Flex. I'm trying to lose weight by paying better attention to what I eat, particularly quantities, and by getting up and moving more.  My hope was that the Flex would provide some motivation to the activity part. So far so good. My biggest complaint about it right now is that its algorithm for determining active minutes is completely screwed up for my lifestyle. Their FAQ pages say 10 minutes of continuous moderate exercise. I have no idea how they determine what's "moderate", particularly on a model without a heart rate monitor, but I took a 45 minute walk tonight that elevated both my heart and respiration rates, and it only logged 15 minutes of active time.  A newish feature that's been added (about a month) is hourly goals. You can set what consecutive hours you want to be active, and if you log more than 250 steps in an hour, you get a little green dot. A couple models (not the Flex, naturally) can actually warn you if you don't have enough steps in an hour.  I didn't know about this when I grumbled about it at the Cabin ;)  All in all, though, the Flex is doing its intended job. It's keeping track of my steps, even if it's not recognizing activity, and the little lights on its display do provide motivation to get up and move when I'm within range of my daily goal. As I go, I'll increase those goals, and hopefully the hourly reminders or the ability to see how many steps I've taken each hour will come in a future software update.  There are lots of people on the Fitbit forums asking for this functionality for their models.

As far as food goes, I'm logging what I eat into SparkPeople, and that's been very helpful.  Lunches are still the worst for me, because I don't usually know just how long I'm going to be at work each day, so I don't know if I'm going to have a lunch break.  Which often translates into fast food on the way home because my stomach is screaming at me. Being able to see that I just inhaled an entire day's worth of calories in one sitting is both sobering and eye opening, and as a result, I have somewhat unconsciously been making better lunch choices.  I'm also able to plan ahead for intended splurge dinners and determine how much I have to compensate through the rest of the day, whether it be by a smaller lunch or by more exercise. Because yeah, you get to eat more if you work out! :)

General Conference / April 2016 General Conference Predictions
« on: March 31, 2016, 10:45:17 pm »
We're mere hours away and we still don't have any predictions!!  How can we have let this slip?  8)

Technical Talk / Whoa wait what?
« on: March 30, 2016, 10:23:27 pm »
All of a sudden, I now have three columns here.  And my screen feels very cluttered as a result.

On the left is a panel with my info, a list of who is online, a panel of board statistics, and a list of the top posters.

On the right is a panel with recent posts, a list of admins, and the calendar.

The center changes depending on where I am, but at the bottom is a list of recent topics.

I'm sure these are helpful for others. I can't imagine trying to read the forum on a mobile device with this new layout. 

Is there a way to hide these from view?

Technical Talk / Minor gripe
« on: January 31, 2016, 06:18:26 pm »
So, I read posts by going into a category, clicking on the New button on the last thread with new posts, and then hitting "Previous" to work my way through threads with posts. Simple, right?

The oddity is that when I get to the newest thread with new posts in that category, instead of getting a message that there are no new posts, or even being moved to another category, I instead get moved to the most recent post in the oldest thread.

Yes it's minor. But it's confusing me LOL. 

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