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Title: Why does my cell phone do this?
Post by: Curelom on March 31, 2020, 05:11:51 am
People who have cell phones occasionally do Device Maintenance or something like unto it, maybe with a different name but the same operations. Basically, if you do every function, you can dump unnecessary files, free up RAM, close apps not being used, & adjust battery usage with or more power mode settings. After you set your battery preferences, it tells you the remaining battery life (on standby), & if itís on the charger it shows how much time to full charge.

So this is weird. My battery isnít new. Itís the one that came with the phone when I bought it about 18 months ago. I know it has a finite life & will have a shorter life per charge as time goes on. But when itís fully charged, when I check the remaining battery life before taking it off the charger, the time varies wildly. It can vary up to 30%, so for instance it might show 13 hours for a few days, then 19 hours for a few days. It doesnít show a decline, but up & down fluctuating.

Why does it do that?

Title: Re: Why does my cell phone do this?
Post by: AndrewR on March 31, 2020, 06:26:47 am
Because it has an estimate of the charge/power stored in the battery - which is less accurate as the battery decreases in efficiency. And it also has an average amps consumption.

Given the stored power, and the average draw on that power it can calcuguess the time left. But, depending on what apps you are, and have been, using the average draw will change - and the time the charge will last changes too.

Hope that made sense.

It's no different from the "miles left" on what you have in the tank in the car. If you've been driving around at 70 mph for a few days it will be lower than if you had been doing 50 mph.
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