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Author Topic: The Miracle That Did Not Happen  (Read 313 times)


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The Miracle That Did Not Happen
« on: August 15, 2019, 06:18:07 am »
Imagine that Lazarus became ill, was given antibiotics, got better, and then lived to a ripe old age. Is that a greater or lesser miracle than Jesus raising him from the dead?

Without modern medicine none of my 3 children would have survived childbirth, and my wife would have died during this last birth.

We live in an amazing time, especially for those living in more industrialized countries. Vaccinations, medical care, public sewage, waste disposal, health regulations of food supplies, building and other safety codes, weather forecasts, flood and fire mitigation. Think about how many hundreds of millions of lives have been saved because of these things. Now imagine a world without those things, maybe just 100-200 years ago. How many miracles would it have taken to save an equivalent number of lives? Hundreds of millions. Compare those hundreds of millions of miracles that didn't happen to the number of miracles recorded in the scriptures and modern church history. One far outweighs the other. If we had an equivalent hundreds of millions of public miracles there would be no room left for doubt about God's existence, faith would be meaningless, and if you then didn't live a perfect life you might just be condemned.

It is amazing that God has found a way to get the same results as hundreds of millions of miracles without a miracle actually occurring. These non-miracles do not depend on the supernatural, but on the goodwill and hard work of God's children. Wouldn't it make any parent proud to see their children taking care of each other in such a wonderful way?

This also allows for the continuance of faith, as it is difficult to impossible to prove what might have happened. We live in a golden age. I cannot wait to see what the future holds.
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Re: The Miracle That Did Not Happen
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2019, 09:55:21 am »
I don't know if I would be alive. I was born premature, but I was normal size - would have been quite big if full term I guess. I had some of the issues they usually have, the yellowness too. I don't quite know - haven't seen papers, but my whole blood was changed. I know it was rather common at the time, so it's possible it would not have been necessary, but there's no certainty it wasn't necessary either. I like to think of it as being very grateful for the medical help and to those who donate blood.

I do feel the same way. Most miracles are things we don't quite understand. Yet someone understands. For me many technological things are miracles. To get a message across the world quickly is a miracle itself that can help more miracles happen.

I once had a experience when my child with tourette's had issues. At the time she was very young and didn't show the core symptoms yet, so we didn't know about the diagnosis and asking God what to do with her gave answers that helped (and were not what I would have thought as a professional educator) and it felt like a miracle. When the diagnosis arrived and information was gained, the same answers were there. My miracle was common knowledge. I feel many miracles are such - they do not come from nowhere but are things, skills or knowledge that exists even if it doesn't exists in my life.
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Re: The Miracle That Did Not Happen
« Reply #2 on: August 15, 2019, 10:14:50 am »
Without modern medicine, I would have died a long, long time ago, too. I would have died as a child due to the many, many illnesses I had - strep throat and tonsillities. Which, yes, does sound very mild, but mine was severe and regularly became so bad I couldn't eat and could barely breathe. Only antibiotics and finally surgery saved me. So many other things after that happened that would have resulted in my death without modern medicine.

Do I appreciate modern medicine? Absolutely! Modern medicine is no less of a miracle just because it's based on science. Scientific advances rely on intelligence, thoughtful observation, and a whole lot of luck. To me, that's a whole lot of consecutive miracles.
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Re: The Miracle That Did Not Happen
« Reply #3 on: August 15, 2019, 10:51:01 am »
Jesus' Resurrection was the promise of a surety for the Hope of the New Age. It's not something just in the future, it's already begun.

The gifts of the Holy Ghost are also described as being, essentially, a down payment on what will come.

When we're given a vision of how things will be, I believe it's acting in Faith that guides us to seek how we can best use our talents and abilities to do what WE can do to make our lived reality as close as we can the ideal final reality.

When we're learning how to use medicine to heal, as a doctor or other form of scientist seeking to discover new methods, we're no less following in Jesus' footsteps than when we lay on hands and give a blessing. We're doing with what God has given us to heal. We're doing what we can to make things 'on earth as it is in heaven'. I believe it's an expression of our Hope.

Same for caring for the poor and needy, mourning with those who mourn, etc. We might not be able to do it perfectly, but everything we DO do, acting in faith, is a symbol of our hope in how things SHOULD be, and WILL be.
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Re: The Miracle That Did Not Happen
« Reply #4 on: August 15, 2019, 11:14:31 am »
I do not consider miracles to be mostly inexplicable, abracadabra-level tricks.  God works through natural means.  A whispered prompting or feeling here, lining things up perfectly there, and coincidence after coincidence after coincidence.  Like the fact that the medicine that saved me and my newborn collapsed lungs had come to the area only a few months before.  Medicine?  Yes.  Still absolutely a miracle.
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Re: The Miracle That Did Not Happen
« Reply #5 on: August 26, 2019, 09:47:49 am »
We discussed this in Priesthood yesterday. The consensus view is that Hollywood-style miracles are rare, because Heavenly Father works through a range of tools to reduce the impact on agency of helping us. We talked it through and came to the conclusion that modern medicine is an example of Heavenly Father helping us through the actions of others who have chosen to go into a caring profession and through revelation to the doctors. It is the Hand of God, and we should be aware of it. I watched the video that accompanied the apostate 'Letter to the CES', and the gentleman there was saying that one of the key things in his loss of faith was the promise of an unnamed General Authority that his ears would be unstopped and he would hear again. He complained that it had never come to pass and instead he had to rely on cochlea implants that allowed him to hear. That is an example of someone not being able to see the Hand of God because he has turned away from God.

The other thing that emerged from the discussion was the importance of stepping up and responding to promptings, revelations, and instruction: choosing to do right and choosing to help others. When we do, we can be the conduit for the miracle for another person. We talked about the fact that sometimes prayers are not answered because people in the chain of events that would have sorted out the situation chose not to do the right thing, chose to stay in bed, or go in another direction. Agency is the whole reason we are here, so sometimes good people suffer because other people choose to do the wrong thing or fail to do the right thing. If we live up to our covenants and do what we can to help others, then we are part of the everyday miracles that answer the prayers of the faithful. We concluded by agreeing how important it is for us to begin to recognise these miracles, and to understand the scripture that by small and simple things are great things achieved.

I like Priesthood
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