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« on: November 02, 2018, 11:15:15 am »
Corrie Ten Boom's The Hiding Place
I can't count how many years ago I read this and yet, and yet I still think often of Carrie Ten Boom's message:  the Lord requires of us to be grateful in all things, in all situations.
Carrie's sister was always grateful - something Carrie could not understand. They were in the concentration camps, beaten, starved, waiting for their turn to be murdered in the gas chambers. What was there to be grateful for? They were housed in the worst building, and its lice constantly tormented them. Her sister was even grateful for that! It was so bad that the camp's worst, sadistic guard wouldn't set foot into it. The very lice that cursed them was indeed a blessing.

We are troubled by the politics and the various leaders - can we see the blessings in these that the Lord has given us? With changes in church leadership and the changes requested of us - can we be grateful for those things that frustrate us? We feel harried, upset, tired, used, annoyed in our marriages, lives, we're lonely and sometimes feel forgotten, etc - can we offer prayers of thanksgiving for those very things?
Thanksgiving is a holiday lost between Halloween and Christmas. Except for the dinner we gorge ourselves on, we as a culture seem to give little thought of the things that we really have that we can be thankful for. This year, I decided to take Thanksgiving back.

Today, I am grateful for all of you. For those of you who are the picture of peace and tranquility, those of you that are quiet and for those of you that grumble a bit more. You all have been a blessing in my life - thank you.

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Re: Thanksgiving
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2018, 10:20:01 pm »
I’ve also long bemoaned the loss of Thanksgiving. It’s the essential American holiday. It’s tied into the history of the United States even before it became the United States, & many countries now have their own similar days. Yes, there are clouds over the history of interactions between European settlers & the people they found living in North America, but as an occasion to be thankful, who can dispute the basic idea? Thanksgiving is a time when anyone of any or no religious persuasion can pause to be thankful for what they have, & at least in America & most first world countries, most people are better off & have more to be thankful for than probably 80% of people on Earth.

I am not into Halloween, & IMO it’s gotten far bigger than it ought to be (I’d think that even if I was into it). Christmas “preparations,” especially at malls & big retail businesses, start long before Halloween anymore. When I was a kid, my folks would lament that stores couldn’t even wait until Thanksgiving to start their Christmas displays, sales, etc. They’d be fed up by the time Christmas arrived. Now, the retail Halloween starts before the back-to-school sales are over, & even a week or two before Halloween, we’re into Christmas. Where does Thanksgiving fit into this?

We often hear that we ought to be grateful every day. I think most people who genuinely believe in a good, loving, merciful God do feel that way. But much of life today, at least in the U.S., is so much more secular, self-indulgent, self-absorbed than in even much of recent times. We’ve all heard the story of the guy who constantly boasted about being a self-made man, until someone finally had enough & said, “That should make the Lord happy because it relieves Him of a great deal of responsibility.” In our present world, too many people do focus on themselves, take all the credit for their blessings, & leave God out of the picture.

So I’m glad when people try to turn that trend around. I’ll be joining you, Palmon. Thanks to you for being such a great Nauvoodle Neighbor. Thanks to everyone for making this such a fine neighborhood to live in.
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Re: Thanksgiving
« Reply #2 on: November 03, 2018, 03:29:45 pm »
When I was working at the hardware store in town, my boss refused to put Christmas toys out until the day after Thanksgiving - which of course is the retail Black Friday.

We ordered Christmas items back in May/June so that we could take advantage of the drop shipments. Meaning we got a special break on price for pallets of the paper/ribbons/cards/tree "trimmings"/toys. Often the paper/ribbon/tape was in the form of displays from the manufacturer. Everything that arrived in these drop shipments were kept in our store house. This was a building that the store owner had that was massive to us, but minuscule compared to the Big Box stores.

During the rest of the year we ordered drop shipments from the True Value Markets. Again getting great discounts on our cost for pallet orders as well as manufacture displays.

Each year my boss was hard pressed to find product to fill the two 4' wide by 8' high sections with Thanksgiving related products that would sell. Remember this is a hardware store - so we didn't sell food. Just the cooking utensils and baking dishes. 

We pulled baking dishes from the Housewares section, some decorations from what I called the *Fru Fru* section [this is where she had the Fenton Art Glass items, the cups, saucers, creamer, sugar bowls from Germany, etc.

I started working there in 1991. By 1996 I was pretty fed up with the over commercialization of Christmas and the only consideration towards Thanksgiving by the retail stores was the food part. At the hardware store all that was available for us to order/display/sell that was in any way Thanksgiving was the napkins & tablecloths.

My boss still had us put out the cook ware, and we also added to the display the electronic roasters, table linens, etc.

The thought of Christmas selling starting along with the halloween items put me in a depressed mood. So much so that I was NOT going to celebrate Christmas at all. My two older siblings sent me Get In The Christmas Mood care packages that arrived the middle of Thanksgiving. Included was about 6 cassette tapes my oldest sister dubbed Christmas music on from all of her 33 rpm records, holiday candy, comfy socks, hot cocoa mug and a variety of different flavored hot cocoa packages. AND a check for $50.00 to pay for the gas to come home for Thanksgiving & Christmas.

Each year on Christmas eve just at 6:30 pm when we were closing up, we got emergency phone calls from wives whose husbands had just burned the boxes AND directions to whatever toy(s) they had bought for the kiddo's pleading with us for copies of the directions to assemble. These were the husbands that we had told to KEEP those boxes and directions for at least 3 months after they had assembled them. Keep the boxes to all of the electronics (boom boxes, radio's, TV's, mixers, toaster ovens, etc., etc.) for a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 1 year. BECAUSE if the item went kafouy within the warranty it HAD to be returned in it's original box. Noooooo, these Neanderthals had to burn everything.

So, with my urging, we made copies of the directions and gave them to the wives when they came to pick up the items. We also kept master copies in our files, so that when the boss got frantic calls at home on Christmas Eve night (10-11:59pm) she could go back to the store, make yet another copy and give it to the wife.

By the last shopping day before Christmas, the customers were rude, over demanding and all I wanted to do was bonk them on the head for leaving their major shopping till the 11th hour.

Fast forward to now, and this little catch phrase of Hubby #2 is perfect "Your lack of preparation is NOT my emergency".

It took me until NOW - November 3, 2018 - 22 years later, to finally get in the *mood* for Christmas. Yep, even before Thanksgiving - 22 Nov 2018. We ARE NOT going to the Branch for dinner that night. For the last 5 years the person who volunteered to roast the two turkeys along with the gravy & stuffing has not done so. WHY they gave him the two turkeys and the ingredients for the dressings after the 2nd time he failed to bring the cooked birds is beyond me. Talk about 60 kinds of S T U P I D !!!  Eating just mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and one bag of tossed salad for 30 people is far beyond dumb. Yes, the same people who were in charge the first two years are the same now.

No one knows where the birds went to. The PH holder isn't talking, neither is his wife and 3 children. But hubby and I are guessing they took them to Grandma & the cousins town 400+ miles east of here.

So, we quit two years ago and went to one of the restaurants near us for dinner. This year I am cooking an already seasoned & cooked turkey from Safeway - grabbing an envelope of Idahoan Instant Mashed and a steamer bag of broccoli & cauliflower to cook up.

The Sunday after Thanksgiving it was announced in RS & PH that the attendance to Thanksgiving dinner was not as large as the years before, BUT they never ask why.

In years past, the PH was in charge. In actuality it was the wives of the PH who took charge and made sure everything got done. For the decreasing years the wives were inactive sisters.

To me personally, Thanksgiving is more of a family be together time. The beginning of it really. Christmas is also- we never got or gave lots of presents. We were way too poor, so our gifts were mostly home/hand made. But Thanksgiving was a time to come together to prepare the feast. Weeks before we baked the cookies, made the candy for Christmas, and prepared the pies and put them in our 'Way Back' refrigerator turned up to the highest so it became our 'Near Freezer'.  Thanksgiving dinner @ 2pm was when our family of 11, sat down to eat with our two uncles, two aunts, their combined 8 children, our cousin, his wife and their 3 children and ate a feast. We sat at the table longer to talk and plan for Christmas Eve dinner. Our uncles/cousin lived within a 20 mile radius of us - and we saw them nearly every week-end. But Thanksgiving day was one of two days where all of us kid's fighting and arguing was set aside and we came together in unity, love and compassion.

Thanksgiving day in 1963 is when my next younger sister passed away. From that Christmas on, we no longer exchanged gifts with the relatives. We no longer provide ALL the food that fed the entire clan at Thanksgiving - Each family was required to bring a portion of the food. All families were required to pay into the cost of the meat. Same with Christmas Eve dinner, and Easter Sunday dinner. That never stopped the families from coming together for those holidays. In fact the cooking of the meat was taken over by the oldest Uncle. He cooked the three turkeys on his outdoor bar-b-que rotisserie. Man oh man was that meat delicious!

Anyway, back to Thanksgiving. I have felt that Thanksgiving has been shunted to the back shelf. So, in 1999, I had one of my customers make me plywood images of a Pumpkin sleigh, pulled by turkeys with Happy Thanksgiving written as the runners of the sleigh. I painted it accordingly, and with his help we attached it to the roof of my 14' wide x 56' long trailer house. He also made pumpkins with leaves and vines in sizes to match the turkeys and sleigh, which I also painted BUT without the cut out faces. He also made a silhouette pilgrim family.

THAT stayed up until two weeks before Christmas. That is when I put lights around the trailer and inside framed each window, and a silhouette nativity scene on the two windows that faced the street that I made out of card stock and colored accordingly myself.

THAT helped me with the retail depression that gripped me each year. It was also the only decorations that I put up on and in my home.

Since 2003 I haven't had any decorations other than a foot high tree that goes on my buffet in the dining room. The cats I had thought that any tree on the floor was for them to hide in. This year my last cat was sent over the rainbow bridge, and I pulled out my decorations. The Pumpkin sleigh has long ago been destroyed - when our divorce was finalized, hubby #1 burned it! The ornaments for the larger trees have disappeared. All I have left are the teeny, tiny plastic/unbreakable ornaments for the teeny-tiny tree.

So this year I bought a 4 foot high pre-lit tree, purple, gold ornaments. Two gold sock holders, two socks that I will adorn with our names in colors, and a purple star tree topper.

I am so tempted to make a silhouette of pilgrims at the table full of food with Happy Thanksgiving under or over it out of card stock and tape it all on my two windows that face the street.

The week after halloween is when I get out my Thanksgiving table decorations. Table cloth with matching napkins. Tiny pumpkins & gourds that I put into my glass bowl. Perhaps I will hunt down a leaf-less tree w/many branches and attach mini-scrolls with what hubby and I are thankful for as well as autumn leaves with thankful scriptures written them.

AND in preparation for Christmas, have silver & gold scrolls along with green holly leaves done up.
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Re: Thanksgiving
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2018, 02:18:50 pm »
Seems like last year Thanksgiving didn't happen at all in my area of the country in this year doesn't look like it's going to happen either. What reward is putting on a potluck the Wednesday before for those of us who really don't have any plans or any family. When I had Thanksgiving with my first husband's family it was pretty laid-back. Disposable dishes were used and  most all of the family coming together one house was a lot of fun. I also didn't go because I worked in the nursing home I pull double shifts so other people won't have holidays and home. When I was growing up however, my mom pulled out all the stops. Will use the linen and the China and the Crystal that was handed down for several Generations. Or we had a potluck at my grandmother's house and all of my dad siblings and their children would come over. The potluck then have turkey we had enchiladas and tamales and tortillas and chili and all sorts of good Mexican food. That's not quite the same as just hit and I. When I was working I had arranged to work Thanksgiving and Christmas because other employees at the nursing home didn't want to to begin with, the management was out of the building, and I could do just about anything I wanted with the residents as far as activities were concerned that day. It doesn't look like I'll be working anytime soon so don't know what I'm going to do about this year's holidays. So far no one's invited us over. I suppose we'll go to the potluck with the ward's putting together.
  Yeah growing up a lot of people in church kept telling us to establish traditions. My life is always so chaotic and my first marriage and now it's his hick and I that I just never established any traditions, at least none that my kids will help out with since now they're grown.
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Re: Thanksgiving
« Reply #4 on: December 06, 2018, 12:22:32 am »
Establishing a tradition with just one or two people is difficult. Since we now live in a retirement community, many of our neighbors go out to eat because their families are far or busy. I hear Cracker Barrel was very popular this Thanksgiving.


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