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Author Topic: Can humans sweat blood?  (Read 567 times)


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Can humans sweat blood?
« on: October 24, 2017, 01:32:46 am »
Can human beings actually release blood through their pores?

In KJV Luke 22, the language seems a bit ambiguous about whether Christ actually sweated blood; it could also be interpreted to be merely a comparison: “... sweat was as it were great drops of blood…” The New King James Version says “became like great drops of blood…” The New International Version says “like drops of blood falling to the ground.” The Douay-Rheims Bible used by Catholics says “became as drops of blood…” The wording in all of them is that of a simile & doesn’t explicitly say He did sweat blood. The Revised Standard Version seems not to mention this detail at all.

Only D&C 19 uses language that definitely says His agony was so great that He bled from every pore.

Doubters might ask how Joseph Smith could know such a detail when so many Bible versions are fuzzy about the language, & they might also wonder if this is physiologically possible. Well, aside from the matter of ongoing revelation, it is possible. It even has a scientific name, hematohidrosis. I just read about a recent case in Italy that indicates it does happen, albeit rarely, with this patient experiencing it during heavy emotional stress. This certainly is consistent with the D&C record of what Joseph had revealed to him about Gethsemane.

http://www.cbc.ca/beta/news/health/blood-cmaj-health-hematohidrosis-disease-1.4365126 (contains photos that may be disturbing to some people).

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Re: Can humans sweat blood?
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2017, 06:14:42 am »
Thanks for this, very interesting. Not something I ever doubted though. I can imagine that there are bodily responses to situations we do not know that we can not understand.

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Re: Can humans sweat blood?
« Reply #2 on: October 25, 2017, 10:28:27 am »
Doubters might ask how Joseph Smith could know such a detail when so many Bible versions are fuzzy about the language

The bloody sweat of Jesus is also a part of longstanding Catholic Tradition concerning the Agony of Christ. In fact, a 5-second cursory search on Google Books brings up this book from 1832 featuring an author affirming his belief in the literal nature of the bloody sweat.

This doesn't discount in the least Joseph's prophetic gifts. The most impressive thing about what Joseph did was often not to introduce brand new ideas, but connect (or 'gather') and present pre-existing concepts in ways either not previously done before, or in ways that hadn't been done in present memory. He was always learning, questioning, and getting new answers. The Church was sort of set up as a clearinghouse for the gathering, sorting, and winnowing of Truth.

One thing that's inspiring to me, is that, just as often as not, Joseph's questions or assumptions seem to have been based on a misreading of scripture, or off a poor translation - but God still gives him new insights anyway, because the questions that were prompted were still absolutely valid, and God went with that to help him go further, and paint a wider picture. Whatever level of knowledge or context you come to when reading the scriptures, what matters most are the questions that come from that reading, and the answers God can provide. That's inspiring and humbling to me.

Sometimes Joseph was corrected with his misunderstanding. Sometime that wasn't the point, and the new idea gained was more important than saying, "Well, actually, Paul wasn't making a reference to that idea at all, but your question is still a good one, so let's put that aside, and talk about your question!"

Joseph didn't need to have an idea revealed out of nowhere for him to have been inspired to do more with it than had been done before. And that's where I find a great amount of Joseph's prophetic ministry at work. Continuing to ask questions of assumptions, look for the practical application, push forward, learn, ask more questions, rinse and repeat.
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Re: Can humans sweat blood?
« Reply #3 on: October 31, 2017, 07:36:56 pm »
It doesn't happen in the course of normal human physiology. But subjecting a human body to infinite spiritual pain may do things that we do not know much about. I take it as one of those things we would otherwise not be able to prove or disprove without revelation. It has little bearing on my testimony.

But I would suggest that analogies and symbology in the Bible are not so much to compare to the physical looks, but rather to compare to what the thing does. Such as Christ being described as wearing many different crowns at the second coming likely describes the he will take over all of the governments rather than actually wearing a tower of crowns.

So whether Christ actually sweat blood or not, the more important thing I learned from these passages of scripture is about the pain that sins place upon the soul, and that Christ took my portion of that pain upon himself.
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