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Author Topic: Predictions for the coming General Conference?  (Read 10815 times)


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Re: Predictions for the coming General Conference?
« Reply #165 on: April 12, 2019, 08:14:08 am »
For being such a huge focus of our theology and practice, we don't know much about Sealings at all, if we're honest.

By the way, my take on Nehor (and the thrust of the versions of Universalism fronted by the antaonists of the Book of Mormon) was HIS idea (the one refuted) was that those who are "wicked still" would eventually get a ticket that would essentially work as a 'get out of jail free' ticket. That they might get "beat with a few stripes" (see! here's the punishment you deserved!) and then, having experienced "justice", could walk into heaven and start a kegger.

Joseph Smith's Vision (D&C 76) offended SO many people because it appeared TOO universalistic that, after a VERY BAD first response to it, he basically put it in his back pocket, and didn't talk about it a lot until the end of his life, and others tended to follow that lead. And then in Nauvoo, universalism exanded even wider with Proxy Ordinances, and Temple developments that expanded on, clarified, and adjusted the original understanding of the Vision from the 1830s.

We (and I) believe that God will not (and cannot) suddenly MAKE someone  into someone fit for an Eternal Zion with the snap of a finger (Thanos-like!) But I do believe he believes all of us have the potential to get there. A belief that all will be saved in their sins, and that all will get in after being beat with a few stripes is absolutely not the same as a hope that all will eventually take advantage of and recognize God's love and experience the Great Change.

There's false doctrines of Universalism (it doesn't matter who you've become, you'll be let in as-as; those who deserved punishment will get beaten to serve justice, and then that punishment will cleanse you, and you'll be let in) that go with a lack of understanding about the nature of the Heavenly Community, that assume Heaven is a Far Away Country Club you get a ticket to get into, rather than a community you will be(come) a natural PART of.

I view Sealings as complimentary to that. They are promises to God of your goal to be Part of the Celestial Community, and these are the People you desire to be united with in that community. God's promise is essentially, if you stay on this path, you will be united with those you desire to be united with.

Perhaps if we use the word "united" rather than "together" it makes more sense? It might not have the same flow, but "Families can be united together with heavenly Father's plan" seems more accurate to the endgoal, and can offer hope. I know people who the idea of "families can be together" seems more like a threat than anything. "United" suggests being one in purpose and vision, rather than physically together. Which, as has been pointed out, theologically doesn't make any sense if you think about it for more than 10 seconds.

"Marriage Sealings" seem to be a long the lines of "this is who I want my eternal covenant partner to be" in continuing God's work. Something else we know SO little about. Maybe family life here is the visual symbol we take from that (it's by far the most popular). Maybe it's more like a Mission (seeking out, identifying, and finding Eternal Beings to love and to guide to their potential like Our Parents did). Maybe it's seeking after others lost that we don't even consider. Maybe it's all of those things, maybe it's neither.

My hope is that I will be a covenant partner with my spouse doing good, and that I will be able to continue to rejoice in my children's joy as part of the Eternal Family. I don't really go far beyond that, personally.

There's a lot we don't know. But what we consistently DO know is that nothing in this plan has to do with compulsively making someone something (or taking someone somewhere) they are not, or do not desire to BE (or be WITH).
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Re: Predictions for the coming General Conference?
« Reply #166 on: April 15, 2019, 06:49:31 am »
My take on this is that the sealings provide the necessary route (?unlocking the gates, maybe), but the individual needs to choose to change. When we are taught that we will have the same mindset in the next life as in this, I believe this means that we will remain dishonest or lustful or aggressive unless we choose to change and make the effort to be different. We will not be saved in our sins, ie while we still have a dishonest or selfish mindset, but if we can change that mindset, then the way to the Celestial Kingdom is open through the ordinances.

I believe that the best analogy for the sinner is the dog trying to go through a small door with a large stick. We can only get through the door when we drop the stick; the point is that we are not prevented from going through the door by Heavenly Father, we are prevented by our refusal to drop the stick. We just have to choose to drop it, but until we are prepared to do so, we will hold onto that stick. The point is that the stick is not part of us, and we don't need it. We can drop it if we want to, but we choose not to because we like the stick. Once we do choose to drop the stick, we move on and the stick is left behind.

A bit laboured, but it works for me. All I need to do now is stop picking the stick up every time I drop it
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