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Re: Cabin & Porch
« Reply #660 on: July 17, 2017, 03:31:57 pm »
Went to see my Endocrinologist this morning ~ 7:30 AM  :o  My A1c's went up  :'( as did my weight  :( though the weight fluctuates on a daily basis.

She is putting me on JARDIANCE, and they attached a *button* to my right arm. This Button monitors my blood sugar levels every 5 minutes. The reason for the additions is because I really backslid with my eating, taking my insulin, checking my sugar levels AND keeping a meal consumption log. sigh

We are hard put financially this month since I went on Medicare last month - so I am requesting early SS Retirement Benefits. The difference if I wait one year is only $57.00 a month - and we need the money now, not a year from now.

Hubby has played *Lesson In Futility* over the phone w/Cigna and AZSU Retirement Benefits. He wants to know how much money AZSU is going to put back into his retirement check now that Cigna no longer is my primary Health Insurance. He started the phone calls Thursday morning, stopped for the week-end and started again this morning. Even though he has written down each persons name, each time he calls they won't transfer him to the original person.

Each person transfers his call, that person then transfers his call and then the line goes dead. OR he is transferred one more time, and then  - - - - CLICK - - - -  the line goes dead.

NOW if that had happened to me, I would have through the receiver across the room, embedding it in the sheet rock! Actually it wouldn't have happened a third time, because I would have called the AZSU Retirement Representative and whined, cried and whined even more. Okay, so I suggested to Hubby that he call his Rep. He does. The DUDe is out to lunch. Hubby calls back in 1.5 hours, the DUDe has gone home early. Hubby did ask the operator/secretary when this DUDe actually comes in to work. 9:15 AM ~ so at 9:17 AM tomorrow, Hubby is calling (got this DUDes direct phone number). Oh, and the Operator/Secretary really dislikes her boss, and gave hubby the DUDes supervisor's direct phone number along w/ his email address.

Now, me?? I would already be composing an email in Word, documenting all the dates/times I have already called and NOT connected. State why I want to talk to DUDe, and perhaps YOU could help me instead.

The button attachment area is a wee bit sore - - - - Think I will change out of my street clothes and put on my 100% cotton, loose cap sleeve *House Coat* and sit in my recliner and nap a bit. House Coats, remember them??? Found this one way back in my closet in a basket of hubby's & my garments. Been there since 2011!!! Yep, now they fit! Yeah. This was once my Mom's. Loose & Comfy & Covers all the Necessary Parts.


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Re: Cabin & Porch
« Reply #661 on: July 17, 2017, 11:04:25 pm »
Iggy, that button doesn't sound like fun, but I hope it helps you get healthier. Sorry to hear about the challenges with the insurance company, too. :(
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Re: Cabin & Porch
« Reply #662 on: Today at 02:04:28 pm »
Just dropping in to be sure all is well. I lurk a lot but don't always sign the guest book, although it's good to have regulars sign in occasionally so we know how fresh the food in the fridge might be, if the floor was swept in the last few weeks, & most important, if the pets are getting enough TLC.

I know, Punkin, no amount of TLC is ever too much. But you critters do well & aren't overly needy & clingy like some people's spoiled pets, & I don't want us to take you for granted. Give me & minute & I'll

See, I dropped everything to go to the fridge. Here are some sardines for the cat dish & some of last night's beef stew for the pooches. I'll add some broth & mix them into the dry food dishes. Yes, Missy, I know you like it microwaved for 10 seconds, stirred a bit, & then nuked for another 5 seconds. ::)  Would you like a cherry on top? :P


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