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Forum and Member News / Re: Another Graduation!
« Last post by Palmon on Today at 05:05:20 pm »
Forum and Member News / Re: Another Graduation!
« Last post by Curelom on Today at 12:12:15 pm »
Congrats to Sister Roper Jr.!  :)

Just yesterday it was Mirk Jr. we were reading about, & over time, so many other Nauvoodle youngsters. It's amazing to see our neighbors' kids growing up & finishing school, serving missions, working, starting families, & so on. It's like being in a "real" ward.   ;)
Forum and Member News / Another Graduation!
« Last post by Roper on Today at 10:34:54 am »
My daughter in law is graduating today from BYU with a degree in nursing. And, her baby boy, which will be our first grandson, is due in June!

General Discussion / Re: Iggy's Ramblings
« Last post by LMAshton on Today at 03:05:15 am »
Another hint for pressure cooking beans...

You can add the water and unsoaked beans to the pot, bring it to pressure, and then immediately turn off the heat and let the pressure release slowly. That's about equivalent to a day of soaking. Then drain off that water and add fresh water to the pot and pressure cook like normal. That helps to ensure the beans are evenly cooked.
Forum and Member News / Re: Mirkwood Family Update
« Last post by Curelom on Today at 12:39:57 am »
Cool news! Welcome to the world of public safety, Young Mirk!
Forum and Member News / Re: Mirkwood Family Update
« Last post by Jason on April 24, 2019, 11:58:59 pm »
I used to politely skip these types of mushy feel good threads about family, but now that I have kids, I can give a lot more praise. It is a lot of work to raise a child from diapers to adult. Despite all of the wrong turns that could have been made, that now adult offspring admires you and your teachings enough to follow in your footsteps and dedicate their life to something awesome. Great job.
Forum and Member News / Re: Mirkwood Family Update
« Last post by Roper on April 24, 2019, 09:15:27 pm »
That's awesome, Mirk!  Thanks for sharing the news.
Forum and Member News / Re: Mirkwood Family Update
« Last post by Iggy on April 24, 2019, 08:21:50 pm »
Aw, Mirkwood Jr., you got your Pops dimples.

Way to go, Mirkwood family!
General Discussion / Re: Iggy's Ramblings
« Last post by Iggy on April 24, 2019, 08:19:35 pm »
You're welcome. I sprout seeds, mung beans, etc. during the winter months because salad greens are old, bitter, and expensive. For that, I use round, flat trays. Perhaps I will purchase some rectangle flat trays, so I can do more of the mung beans. Surprisingly Hubby loves them. All the sprouts really. As salads, in sandwiches, in soups.

The only grain I haven't sprouted is spelt. Fred Meyer is now carrying that in their bulk dept, so I can buy a 1/4 pound just to try it, then make bread with it.

I bought some ham hocks today. I am so craving Beans and ham hocks. Need to look up a recipe so I can cook it in my Foodi. Will soak some beans starting now - the ham hocks are frozen anyway, so they can thaw in the fridge. Mmmmm, sounds so good.
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