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General Discussion / Re: Cabin & Porch
« Last post by Iggy on Today at 01:53:20 am »
We went to Newport, OR today. Three Dr. appointments. We had to go to Walgreens to get his pain pill Rx filled. They had three floor displays with those glasses. As I was waiting to pick up the pills, the lady behind me said that Walmart and Fred Meyer were putting out 4 floor displays each. So, here on the Central Oregon Coast we have more than enough.

As long as you don't look directly at the sun, you are not going to hurt your eyes. Hubby doesn't want to go outside. It is hard for him because he has to use his walker. I remember making a viewer in grade school and all of us kids standing by the windows looking into our box viewer to see the eclipse. For me then it was beyond boring. I would have much rather be sitting in the pillows on the floor reading. Yeah, our teacher had 20 big pillows for us to sit/lay in and that is where I preferred to read.

Also there was an attic room where I would go in the grade school. Again there were a couple of window seats filled with cushions and knit wraps. The recess teacher had her desk there. That is also where the mimeograph printer was, along with all the different colored papers, ribbons, etc. To punish me for being a brat in class, I was sent to this room. The teacher would make us a cup of tea, and I could read whatever book I had brought to school to read. I spent about an hour every day there. I was a brat. When I was asked a question I would say No. Didn't matter what the question was I always answered No. So off to the attic room with the comfy cushions, the cup of tea and my book.
General Discussion / New Mommy, Daddy & Baby basket ideas
« Last post by Iggy on Today at 01:40:31 am »
My dentist and his sweet wife are expecting their first child. I have made up Mommy & Baby baskets before, but unfortunately I pretty much ignored Daddy.
Well, this time I want to include Daddy. Can you Daddy's list some things that you would have liked to get in the New Baby basket?
In the past I put in receiving blankets, baby wash cloths & hooded towels, Aveeno baby wash & lotions, bibs. Comfy soft socks for Mom, bath salts, Aveeno moisture lotion, tin of hot chocolate, tin of tea, 2 cups filled with chocolate candies & gum drops. Soothing music CD.  Scented wax warmer and calming wax (lavender if I can find it). So now I need things for Daddy, besides a T-Shirt that says Daddy.

They both are lovers of coffee. [Not LDS  ;) ]  And of hot cocoa. Mommy really loves jasmine green tea. Daddy loves to fish. River & ocean beach fishing for salmon, and lake fishing for trout. Oh, they are having a girl. Get this, Daddy has been going around the office grinning. He is just as thrilled as Mommy. She is due Nov 10, 2017.
General Discussion / Re: Cabin & Porch
« Last post by Curelom on Today at 01:30:05 am »
It's interesting to read about people's international travels & experiences with airport security. I don't do a lot of air travel when it is at all avoidable, so I'm not as tuned in to these fine points & niceties.

I'm going to find a more inland part of the Cabin to go to on Monday for the solar eclipse. In my section, near the coast, we have cloudy weather predicted that will partly obscure the sun. I won't be able to make it to Oregon, to that hamlet where half of California is supposed to be headed. I doubt that the special viewing glasses are available anywhere now, but most of us over 30 or more learned when we were kids to make pinhole viewers; we still can't look directly at the eclipse, but we can see its shape in the projected dot of light.

I read a little on how eclipses affect animals, & since there doesn't seem to be a consensus about the impact on pets, I decided to take along only Punkin. She isn't spooked that easily, & in new surroundings she'll stay close by & mind me, & unlike most cats, she understands that if I put a harness & leash on her, it's for her protection. If you are here at the Cabin on Monday, it might be a good idea to keep the other critters inside at least as the eclipse starts, & see how they react before letting them wander around.

General Discussion / Re: Current Events
« Last post by Curelom on Today at 12:55:37 am »
Remember the time, not so long ago, when a whole week or two could pass without any headline news about a US President.  I think Watergate was the last time there was this much persistent headline news about a POTUS.  Is there any news outlet out there that features top stories that don't mention Trump?  I'm sick of it.

Yíknow what, kazbert, Iím sick of it too. I think most normal people are. ::)

In past years, when we had mostly normal or fairly normal people in the highest levels of all branches of government, we actually would see a week or more pass without lurid headlines about a POTUS. The President is not supposed to make this kind of news. He (or she, or it) is supposed to be like any chief executive, the person at the head of a well-run organization where things go smoothly, quietly, & efficiently. In such organizations, people are busy doing what they are supposed to do & donít have time for endless TV watching, tweeting, picking fights with others in the organization or spying on them looking for mistakes, or other irrelevant activities.

I look forward to a time in the very near future when we wonít have all these scandalous or sensational headlines about a POTUS. That day will come when we donít have a POTUS who encourages, initiates, or actually thrives on such headlines.
General Discussion / Re: Cabin & Porch
« Last post by LMAshton on August 17, 2017, 10:53:26 pm »
I haven't travelled to Poland or Germany or Iceland, but in general, take meds in your carryon in their original bottle along with a written prescription from the doctor for the meds and the CPAP. I've never had a problem, either, and I've never been asked to present paperwork on my meds, but that's what's advised in a worst case scenario.

I don't know how tight security is there. When we went to France last year, the line to get our passport stamp was... non existent. Not a single person in front of us. And it took us about 5 seconds each to get our passports stamped and done. And there was no customs to pass through, which I found extremely odd. 

Also, yeah, we found the TSA to be quite invasive compared to everywhere else, which is interesting given that we're groped nearly everywhere, but everywhere else seems to be able to manage doing the groping thing with no muss, no fuss, and no making the passengers feel uncomfortable, completely unlike the TSA. At the Sri Lankan airport, we pass through security to get into the airport, to get to the check in counters, and to get to the individual gate. At each, they xray all the luggage/purses and they grope everyone, so fairly security conscious, but they manage to be very respectful. The TSA was rude to the point of obnoxiousness and impatient. Just be prepared for that.
Mormon Life / Re: PRAYER LIST
« Last post by curlybat on August 17, 2017, 09:21:45 pm »
I like Santaquin and Payson.  My FILs family (both sides) are from that area.
Forum and Member News / Finland again
« Last post by Scruffydog on August 17, 2017, 07:06:34 pm »
Well, that's me in Finland again. Been in Lapland for a couple of weeks and will be in Finland till the end of the month, then spending most of September here too. The sunsets are amazing, the reindeer are a traffic hazard, and the internet is spotty. I love it. Best thing of all was a particularly spectacular sunset a week ago had all the atheists talking about how something as beautiful as that could make you start to think that perhaps God does exist. Baby steps, but maybe one day they'll catch up and understand the truth of the gospels
General Discussion / Re: Cabin & Porch
« Last post by Jana at Jade House on August 17, 2017, 10:43:32 am »
I go to Poland all the time and carry a boatload of meds and a CPAP.  No one has ever been the least bit bothered. In fact the only real travel problems we have are in the USA with TSA where apparently senior citizens with silver hair are a huge threat to the peace and safety of fellow citizens.  Your electronics, and chargers, will have to be looked at. Things with batteries might get an extra look.  I carry knitting needles all over the world and not one soul has said boo.

I am so sorry you have multiple hops. That will be the worst stress, hoping you have enough time to get aboard the next flight.  You will have to fetch your bags ( because its EU) and go through customs and immigration check In Iceland. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ENOUGH TIME.  Rykjavik (SP) is a really modern airport. It is very nice. It used to be a hut in the middle of no where.

I think on the way back you will have to pick up your bags at LA and do a recheck.  LA is one of our most hated airports and thats even with priority ( frequent flyer) perks.  Just be warned that the TSA has given people power over you and they do not hesitate to act like you are under suspicion.

Make sure you carry your drugs passport ( from the pharmacy) and you papers for your CPAP.  No one has ever asked for them but if you run into a problem where you need meds or a machine on loan, they need to see your prescription and CPAP settings.  Just in case.

AND GET TRAVEL INSURANCE TODAY.  Really.  It's just an absolute here.  Check who  covers what. 

But really, unless you have liquids in your carry on, or way too many wires in your backpack. or forget to put your pocketknife in your cargo case, or your CPAP folding standard looks odd, or you tuck a metal shoe horn in your carry on, you should sail right through. The US makes everyone under 70 take off their shoes and there is no where to sit....In EU if you are wearing boots or really thick soles then they ask for you to de shoe.  Oh and all pat downs are public now. If you have a problem with strangers touching you.....grit your teeth.

Befoer Whizzair started a bus with wings to Wroclaw we used to take the night train. it stopped in Poznan. Thats all I know about Poznan! The train station. 

Poland has really morphed in 25 years. It has been wonderful to watch the building, and colors and infrastucture change.  Polish folk are lovely and so is the food.  Have a good time...September can get chilly by the way.  make sure you have layers!!

And its not just POland, I don't think you can marry in any temple in Europe. Marriage is a civil law matter.  Then you go get blessed in the church or whatever.  Has nothing to do with church infancy.  Good thing you can go to the Friberg, because Frankfort is still undergoing renovations I think...Its been closed a while.
General Discussion / Re: Current Events
« Last post by kazbert on August 17, 2017, 09:22:23 am »
Remember the time, not so long ago, when a whole week or two could pass without any headline news about a US President.  I think Watergate was the last time there was this much persistent headline news about a POTUS.  Is there any news outlet out there that features top stories that don't mention Trump?  I'm sick of it.  And there is so much "alternate reality" gushing out from all political stripes that I've ceased to listen to any of it.  About the only political news that catches my eye these days are those regarding North Korea because, well, wars and rumors of wars are good for business (I work for a military contractor).  I hope most of Trump's and Kim's rhetoric is just face-saving bluster.  Any war with NK will be short, but the overwhelming share of the blood shed will be by civilians in South Korea.
General Discussion / Re: Cabin & Porch
« Last post by kazbert on August 17, 2017, 09:05:35 am »
Good to hear of those who have made it back home, wherever "home" is for each of us.  I've moved so much I don't know where I'd call "home" anymore.  Sorry to hear about your illness, LM.  Sounds horrible.

I'd like to pick the brains of our seasoned travelers.  My scattered family is descending upon Poznan, Poland, on Sept 8 for the wedding of my son, Nick, and his fiance, Marta.  They make a sweet couple.  Marta is a native Pole, is a convert (the only LDS in her family), an RM (Chicago), and will soon have her MBA.  Because of the Polish laws and the relative infancy yet of our church presence in Poland, they must first have a civil marriage in Poland (Friday, 9/8) and then their sealing in the Freiberg Germany Temple the next day. 

Nick served his mission in Poland, and has a job with an international software firm that has taken him back to Warsaw, Poland, for two years, and then the past year in Helsinki, Finland. 

So ... any travel advice?  We're most worried about customs and airport security.  Both me and the missus have a boatload of meds and I have a CPAP.  How much trouble will that cause us at the European airports?  How tight is the security in Poland and Germany?  Our itinerary heading out will be Tucson>Phoenix>LA>Iceland>Dublin>Warsaw.  Coming back it will be Berlin>Iceland>LA>Phoenix>Tucson.

Any advice you can give us is much appreciated!

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