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Writers' Showcase / Re: Fan fiction
« Last post by dyany on Today at 01:06:48 am »
I had that epiphany with segue (seg-way).  And I admit, there are things I think I'm smart for figuring out.  But most of the time I feel like I've been an idiot for not figuring it out before, and/or like everyone else must have known that.  The thing that I find different about the young fandoms is that they put themselves in echo chambers of similarly ignorant people (mostly because of stage and life and interests, not, I think, so much because they want an echo chamber), so they get too much reinforcement that they are the only ones figuring this stuff out.  It's an skewed feedback loop. 
Writers' Showcase / Re: Fan fiction
« Last post by Roper on December 12, 2017, 11:04:15 pm »
I admit that I've done similar things. 

I've known the mathematical relationship between fractions and division since elementary school.  However, it wasn't until I started teaching math that I made this connection:  The sign we use for division (obelus) is the same as the fraction sign, just with dots instead of numbers. You put numbers in where the dots go, and Voila! Fractions and division use the same symbol to represent the operation!  I remember excitedly telling that to another teacher, and she just rolled her eyes.  Apparently, I had "discovered" what pretty much everybody else already knew about that symbol.

I also remember hearing the word <fa see' shus> in spoken conversation, and understanding what it meant.  In print, I read a word that I mentally pronounced <fas' a tus> and I knew from context what it meant.  Then, in an a-ha moment, I realized that "facetious" is that same word in both oral language and print.  I was in my late thirties.  :-[
Writers' Showcase / Re: Fan fiction
« Last post by dyany on December 12, 2017, 10:35:07 pm »
I forgot one important one:
AU--Alternate Universe, as in, a dimension where everything is almost the same except for a few qualities or people that have been changed for this particular universe.

I should note that these terms apply to fandoms as well as fan fic.  People 'ship' characters without ever having read or written a lick of fanfic. 
Your wife's experience is one of the things I've found frustrating.  While some terms and ideas are clever (like the idea that 'ships' can be taken out by 'canons,' which always makes me laugh), it's presented with the same mind-blown wonder as misunderstood things that young fans think they are incredibly brilliant for figuring out for the first time.  Example: the fan conversation I saw where people were acting like they were mega-geniuses for figuring out that the term 'Lazarus,' as used in Sherlock season 2/3 as the name of the plan wherein Sherlock faked his death, was actually a term referring to SOMEONE COMING BACK FROM THE DEAD, and the conversation continued with all sorts of extrapolations, some of which were right but most of which were not.  And I'm just sitting here, rolling my eyes because they think everything is new for their generation or newly being figured out by them and they are the epitome of understanding.  Like teens, except they aren't getting their bubble burst until sometimes into their 30s.
Writers' Showcase / Re: Fan fiction
« Last post by Roper on December 11, 2017, 08:49:00 pm »
Thanks, Dyany.  Holy cats, it's like being in the military all over again--all the jargon.

My wife ran into the "ship" thing when she was counseling a young woman who had a crush on a guy but never initiated anything with him. The guy eventually got engaged to another woman.  My wife's client was devastated.  After working through that, my wife said, "So you can accept that ship has sailed?"  The client replied, "No!  He's with somebody else, now!"

After a few more confused minutes, they came to the realization that "That ship has sailed," meant to my wife that the opportunity was lost.  To the client, it meant the relationship flourished.

Stupid fan fiction.  ::)
Writers' Showcase / Re: Fan fiction
« Last post by dyany on December 11, 2017, 08:16:45 pm »
OK, some general fandom/fan fiction terms:
canon--original stories which form the basis of the fandom, and from which fan fiction deviates.
ship--verb meaning to want 2 characters to be in a romantic (almost always sexual) relationSHIP.  Specific relationships are noted by cramming the names of the 2 characters together.  So Johnlock=John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, Sherlolly=Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hooper, Adlock=Irene Adler and Sherlock Holmes, etc.
slash fiction--this is an older term that's not in use much anymore, but it was coined in the late 60s (I believe) and refers to gay ship fan fiction.  It used to be fringe, but now it's mainstream.  I blame the rise in porn exposure to younger and younger audiences, unfortunately.
OTP--One True Pairing.  Your main ship, that is, the ship you want to get together more than anything else
nOTP--Not One True Pairing.  The ship you disagree with the very most (Johnlock is major notp for me)

Sorry that's kind of disturbing, and I hate that I even know that much but if you go near general fanfic you need to be prepared. :/ :-[
Writers' Showcase / Re: Fan fiction
« Last post by Roper on December 11, 2017, 06:38:55 pm »
"Johnlocky."  What does that mean?  I tried google search, and I got a lot of stuff about John Locke.  But I suspect it means something quite different, given the context.
Mormon Life / Re: PRAYER LIST
« Last post by ketchupqueen on December 11, 2017, 04:48:15 pm »
By the way, not a single member of either our ward or the Spanish-language ward we share the building with lost a home, though many neighbors did. It definitely feels awful that others did while at the same time such gratitude for our ward members being spared.
Mormon Life / Re: PRAYER LIST
« Last post by ketchupqueen on December 11, 2017, 04:45:31 pm »
The fires were/are horrible. And their neighbors lost homes. But it is truly amazing to see evidence of what can only be called a miracle.
Writers' Showcase / Fan fiction
« Last post by dyany on December 11, 2017, 03:27:16 pm »
OK, normally I don't post about fanfic, because even though I avoid the smut, it's embarrassing.  BUT, it's the only thing I seem able to write lately (far less anxiety), and I get crazy amounts of positive feedback on it (which is probably a big reason it's addictive), so I'm going to post a link to my Ao3 (that's Archive Of Our Own) page, in case anyone wants to read Sherlock fanfic that's not remotely smutty or Johnlocky. :P 
I don't think you need an invitation or account to read stuff there, but let me know if you do. 
(If you decide you want to try reading other fanfic, that's a decent place to read it because it has content ratings and it covers every possible fandom you can imagine.  Seriously.  But the content ratings are put on by the author, so they may not be completely accurate.)

Writers' Showcase / Re: A parody of bad writing
« Last post by dyany on December 11, 2017, 03:22:07 pm »
I forgot to post that there is a new Cuthbert story!  I actually helped write this one. :)  https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/764987

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