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Latter-day Saint Life / tender mercies, little miracles
« on: November 23, 2020, 06:07:24 am »
Tender Mercies, Little Miracles

   The last month or so brought a bit of trauma and drama to our usually quiet bubble.  We have been richly blessed in this pandemic to have been prepared and protected from much of the troubles so many others have borne since February. 2020 has been a very unusual year, indeed.
  But October and November brought unexpected stresses and unhappy tears to our bubble. I thought I was joking when I said to Andries that I was done. I could not take one more bit of sad, bad news or my head would explode.
   12 November 2020.  It was just another busy Thursday.  It was our dear Ma Meijerink's birthday and we had gifts ready to set before her door and give greetings from the driveway,  but Andries was so booked with meetings and preparing for a remote conference presentation,  he needed time.  We decided over lunch to wait until Saturday when David was with us and then visit Ma and Pa. 
   Earlier in the day I had remarked that the project I was working on was making me so anxious, I had butterflies in my chest.  I usually ignore those beating wings and they go away.  As we sat quietly on the sofa after lunch,  the gentle beat of wings suddenly became a wild herd of animals running through my chest.  And the running became a stampede that took my breath away,  My pulse was like popcorn popping.  A sharp pain.
    We called the village doctor, his assistant called for the ambulance.  And in a very short time, I was in the high care department of the University Hospital.
The diagnosis was atrial fibrillation,  which of itself is benign, but can lead to all sorts of bad outcomes, even death.
    My head did not explode but my heart short circuited.
    The beta blocker was not bringing the heart rate down to normal range.  There was talk of admission into the hospital. If the heart rate continued to be high,  shock treatment to reset the heartbeat was the next step. Neither of those events were on my list of things to do on a Thursday.  With a second dose of beta blockers,  I sent out a Facebook post to my worldwide circle of prayer people. 
    And  tender mercy miracles began.  From the moment I sent out my post, the heart rate slowed, then stabilized.  I could go home, and if needed would have a shock treatment on Saturday morning. Prayer works.
    As I sat there awaiting release from the emergency department, I thought about the need for a blessing and anointing.   Now this is corona time,  my ministers are working folk,  and very few extra people come into our bubble. But the little voice said “Ask Philip Riem for a blessing”.  Well, Philip lives far from me, is not my minister, so I put that thought aside.  I went home.
    Later that evening I was texting with my minister sister, who is married to my minister brother, and she asked if I had considered an anointing.  I admitted I would very much like one...and within an hour, my minister and his companion who were out together, were at my door. Tender mercies.
    The companion?  Philip Riem. MIracles do happen.
And that is how I came to ask Philip Reim for a blessing. And that blessing was truly balsem to my soul.  Saturday came and we cancelled the shock treatment. Another tender mercy.

    I know that God holds me in the palm of His hand. I feel the companionship of the Lord as I navigate the challenges of 2020.  I am grateful for the little miracles and tender mercies along the way. With a full and humble heart, I say,  "Thank You, God.”


Enjoy.. There are two videos in the album

General Discussion / I need your hive mind for ideas.
« on: August 18, 2020, 10:07:44 am »
So, suddenly I received a treasury check. It was totally unexpected. We are so glad we did not close our credit union account last month...it was truly inspired we did not.

Here is dilemma. Our dear senior friends are not US citizens, and have not banked in the US since 1988. Both received checks.  Since no Dutch bank will cash paper checks anymore they have no way to access the funds. Being on a fixed income, this windfall would be so welcome.

So we broke protocol and visited at a distance. They endorsed the checks over to us.  We intended to send them to our credit union for deposit and we will give them the fair exchange rate in euros.

We sent anemail to CU asking what other than passport they would need for ID etc. (we even took photos of them signing the checks and photos of their passports.

The return email from CU informed us that CU does not do 3rd party checks over 500 usd.
AND that treasury checks cannot be deposited third party.  That was news to us because anything I was able to find on the internet indicated as long as all the numbers and IDS matched third party was fine for deposit.

so here we are.

do we write to the treasury to ask what to do? (this is the Least favorite option.)
do we wait and see if other expats set up a squaak and see if someone figures out how to release funds to expats?

Andries is ready to just give them the funds and not tell them it is really from us (which I think is fine)  They are both housebound unless one of their sins drives. He is suffering from horrible anxiety driven dementia.  Just having us come to collect the checks was so upsetting, he needed medication.  All he had to do was sign his name. but that was too confusing.

Why the Treasury could not send the funds through the regular electronic transfer that our SSI comes through is a mystery.  Does the treasury operate in such a way that they have no idea that many banks here will not open accounts for US citizens because they do not want the US Treasury nosing through their client records?  Why do they not know Europeans do not use paper check and have not for decades? 

I just am so upset for my friends. They are stalwart loving servants of the Lord.  They deserve this unexpected blessing.

Any wise words?

Latter-day Saint Life / Happy Easter
« on: April 11, 2020, 06:22:16 pm »
From Jade House to wherever you hang your hat, may you find joy in the good news: He Lives!

Technical Talk / Help me find the ONE
« on: February 04, 2020, 07:10:38 am »
I use both a laptop and a tablet.
This is because I use split screens a lot.
I like an illuminated keyboard.
so a laptops comes in handy
But I travel with the tablet and bluetooth keyboard and mouse. It is mostly a weight thing.
But I read on my tablet, and study, in bed. not a laptop place for me.
Both the  laptop and tablet are near their sell buy dates, out of space, starting to wear out, cracked screen ....
The pricetag for lightweights and 2 in ones is sobring. 
should I just put up with the minor so far disruptions...
in my mind I think spending lots of money on a laptop when one is an old person is sorta a waste....
 My phone is a Samsung Note which is clumsy to write anything longer than a sentence.
My Boy found a LenovoFlex 14 inch thru Amazon that he thinks might be ok. but its not available here and the customs make it over 1000 euros.... um no.
I will be in California soon. so I can order there or go to best buy or whatever. it means I have to be careful to have adapters.  but thats not a big deal.

Many of you are computer savvy please chime in.

Latter-day Saint Life / in memoriam
« on: October 14, 2018, 08:05:17 pm »
As of 11 November, my poor little ward is part of eternal history. Since I arrive home 10 November I will miss the farewell meeting. 
Part of us go to one ward in another stake, which is the ward I gladly fled 22 years ago, and the other members will continue in the same stake in the stake building ward.
It was an emotional day at our little unit.
It feels like a funeral in my heart.
We had our share of interesting folk. Me included. But they were MY PEOPLE.
and I may never see some of them again.
like sister know all and her diaperthrowing offspring....that may be a good thing.
I called Andries and cried. I wonder if I wrote something if he would go to the last meeting, a testimony meeting, and read it out for me.
I will think it over and ask him or someone else.
I am grieving. My children grew up and fledged from that ward.
God sure works in mysterious ways. When I petitioned for a way to gracefully stop attending Sunday School I never in the world thought He would disband the ward.

« on: September 27, 2018, 09:24:26 am »

Brothers, sisters, men , women, cats, and kittens. I arrive in Newark NJ next week. I will stay with my brother Timothy, Attend a 50 th high school reunion. Attend a family birthday.

I was supposed to move on to the ranch in CO on the 16th. But My dear heartsister is totally enmeshed in family drama in New York. She is overwhelmed and even if her FIL dies today, she would not be back out West on the 16th.

The whole purpose of the CO visit was to be there for her birthday 1 Nov AND quilt fabric shop AND plan a Maori influenced quilt for her for next years birthday. But all that is up in the air after her message to me yesterday.

SO. HELP HELP HELP My non changeable ticket from Denver to home is dated 9 November....Obviously I need to be in the airport at that given time. ( And Trooperswife, I will keep you in the loop)
From Denver I can fly direct to Prescott. I have someone to visit there. ( Jacare)
Unfortunately from Prescott one can only fly back to Denver or to LAX. I am not going to the coast this trip. (that is this spring)
I have an idea that I would like to visit St George and SLC area. But I have not had contact with anyone but Roper ( just where are you?) so far.
 I have a hard time getting access to some point to point airlines websites from EU. Thus I sort of am stuck waiting til after 4 October to buy flights.
Anyone who wants to visit should send me an email or PM so I know where people are, how complex it is to get there and most important WHAT KIND OF VISIT! dinner, lunch, homestay for more days.....road trip whatever. (jade.house@xmsnet.nl)
Nothing will be written in stone until I get to NJ.
Because I really want to see Jane and if she suddenly has a couple days I need to be flexible.
UNless my head explodes. this does nothing for my anxiety since Himself will be home, or in Denmark or in South Korea.
This was supposed to be a no hassle visit....
please PM or email me with you responses!

Member News / Jana is coming to Colorado!
« on: September 13, 2018, 05:12:23 am »
This year I will be in Erie area from the 16th of October to the 9th of November. LET"S GET TOGETHER!!
I do not know how mobile I will be but I hear Uber is in the neighborhood.  I do not know how healthy my Jane will be.
You know we are always ready for a road trip if our bones behave!

Member News / travel to london
« on: February 18, 2018, 11:19:42 am »
I will be in London from wednesday to sunday if anyone is about.....

Doctrines & Scholarship / The Flood
« on: February 18, 2018, 09:41:43 am »
I love the OT. I love all the sacred myths and the background.  It's wonderful and really informs my testimony that God speaks to us in language and symbols we understand.  There probably was a flood and every belief system in that ancient world had a sacred story based on it. The truths taught are eternal.  However the ancients earth was a far cry from the globe we observe today.   Not everyone drowned because....giants ( thanks, Monk).  Rain came down from openings in the firmament supported by mountains.  Thus the whole earth was hardly the whole globe. Thus a whole lot of unscientific storytelling which may be based in real history... or not.  Truths taught in ways the folk understand.

So today someone in SS brought up the earth baptised by the flood, and I said oh please dont go there because its not really church doctrine....so then a sister came to me later waving her scriptures and claiming  Apostle John A Widsoe as the creator and setter of this truth. Dandy. 

After this last 2 weeks I have zero patience to spare, and sort of put her off with, thats his opinion.  and it is a nice teaching idea but that's not fitting with the way the Mosaic people understood the earth....

Then I came home and took a look from Guide to the Scriptures:
" During Noah’s time the earth was completely covered with water. This was the baptism of the earth and symbolized a cleansing (1 Pet. 3:20–21)."
So yeah its even in the guide to the Scriptures ( even though it is dissonant with the way I have come to undertand Mosaic thougt)  BUT

Here is the scripture:  20 Which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.

21 The like figure whereunto even baptism doth also now save us (not the putting away of the filth of the flesh, but the answer of a good conscience toward God,) by the resurrection of Jesus Christ:

which scripture is not teaching me about the Flood but about Christ teaching souls in prison, not convincing me particularly as a support for earth baptism.

Plus I cannot find a prophet in the last 40 years teaching earth baptism.  It sounds like conjecture and opinion from un- codified times has persisted in the folklore of the Saints to me.  I probably upset this well meaning set sister Jana straight person too.

so this begins week three of sandpaper on my soul events.

Doctrines & Scholarship / The Fall
« on: January 24, 2018, 04:58:58 am »
Here is what the teachers manual says: "As long as they did not partake of the forbidden fruit, they would remain in the garden and would not die. But they also would not be able to obey the command to multiply (Moses 5:11; 2 Nephi 2:23). Heavenly Father gave them agency to choose between the two commands."

Am I the sole person in the LDS world that finds the last sentence problematic?

You see,  I think A and E were destined to leave the garden at some time WHEN THEY WERE PREPARED.  Until that time they were not to partake.  But the Serpent intervened and another plan came into play.

Just like we set a rule that our children CANNOT CROSS THE STREET.  That rule changes with age and preparation.  None of us reaches adulthood without having that rule completely removed, because we are taught, prepared, and practiced at crossing the street.

The Garden was a place of learning and preparation.  That process was cut short by Satan because he did not know the mind of God, having been cast out and not privy to the rest of the Plan.

What bothers me most about the sentence in the manual is the notion that A and E were set up.  They were always going to have children, meaning they were always going to have to leave the Garden.

I am sure I read this idea somewhere but I dunno where.  I just remember being glad someone on earth had the same thought.

Doctrines & Scholarship / Moses 1:6
« on: January 04, 2018, 12:06:26 pm »
The more I know the more I do not know.   
For over 4 decades I read Moses was created in the similitude of Jesus. I took that as meaning that Moses was a ( oh whats the word fore runner symbolic of Christ establishing a pattern of e.g.suffering leader)  To my amazement, in the manual for OT lesson 1 there it is in black and white...Moses was created in similitude AND SO ARE WE.   
How in the world did I miss that nugget?  What does that really mean?  Arms, legs feet? potential for the divine? all of the above?  For some reason those words were written in neon this time round.

You can bet we will just cruise over that in local class... so my siblings in Christ, how does literally created like Jesus change our view of our mortal callings and future progress? 

Latter-day Saint Life / What to do
« on: January 03, 2018, 10:49:16 am »
Besides pray?

Our tiny ward has all sorts of folks as some of you have witnessed in the last decade or so.  Ocassionally we get new blood.

A few years ago our elders hosted a young man into our fold.  Terribly overweight, introverted, bonded to computer gaming and  the internet, somehow he had met a young woman from Utah online and was following the path to conversion and baptism.

And he was baptised; they married in the temple and settled down to wait for babies.  In the meantime, he came a long way and held  callings.  He came out of his shell in a lot of ways.

This was especially heartening because he is under supervision and care for mental issues---in fact he works for his parents because he has problems finding employment  he has a supervisor for finances.  At one point he was our Ht and I got to know and like him.

They waited many many months and finally they were blessed with a tiny boy. 

In the 5 months since I can count on one hand how many times they have been to church.  Part of this is because his dear wife is as introverted a person as I have ever seen.  Even her mother is thrilled when she leaves the house.    Part of this is because we have some big mouthed uncharitable mercyless boneheads in our ward that just cannot keep their thoughts private.  They have both retired to their books and computers.

Somehow they have permitted me to be included in their lives so we communicate mostly on FB.  Suddenly I became her VT....

Because I see everything they support or do not on FB, I also see how he is being drawn into some trains of thought which are, I really feel are unhealthy for him.  His MIL eggs him on inadvertantly, because she has some fringe views only and often uniquely Utah Mormon.  Because our unique poison in the ward got to him, he is negative and wary of the group in general.

He sees to be loosing the kinder gentler self that I liked so much. 
Yesterday he called Scott Card an angry religious nut during a chat thread about Ender's Game the movie. 

I don't know Brother card personally but I know a bunch of folk who do and none of them would describe him as any of that.

But my young friend,  is turning into an angry relgious nut, a hermit as well.

With a 5 month old baby, a wife who rarely speaks to anyone not online, and is not fluent in Dutch. 

Am I just paranoid?  Am I worried about none-of-my-business? ( her mother friended me on FB I think just so she has a line on her daughter if she needs one. I know she is worried.)

I talked to my own wise head, he says there is not much we can do.

But that baby.....sigh.

Latter-day Saint Life / Any Bishop please assist.
« on: December 14, 2017, 12:20:40 am »
As my Bishop apparently forgot in the bustle of flying to Utah for the holidays, I need someone to access some information for me.

We will be in Tromso Norway for Christmas.  We would like to attend the Tromso Branch on the 24th but since everyone is on a different schedule that day, I suspect the Sacrament Meeting time must be changed.  There is no email address on the church website. Since its a branch with an acting president and since I speak not one word of the language, I would rather email than call an empty building.  I tried looking for an email to the Oslo Mission but found none.

All of this because I do not relish the thought of trudging 15 minutes in church clothes in below zero temps to get to a locked building.   

I hope someone can help.  Because my Bishop is unavailable.

thank you

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