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Forum and Member News / Re: Baby Boy
« on: March 18, 2018, 06:47:33 pm »
His nadir weight was 4 lbs 9 ounces. Last weigh in was a week ago and he was 6 lbs 10 ounces. I am guessing he is over 7 lbs now. He is gaining weight faster than my daughter did. But, if he wants to be 6'4" like me, he'll need to get a move on.

I have noticed definite differences. My daughter never liked to be held or snuggled. To calm her (aside from feeding and changing the diaper), I would hold her away from my body with her head in my hand and bounce her. For my daughter, it wasn't until she got her first real cold at about a year old that she really snuggled, and from then on that was a sign that she was sick. To calm my new baby boy, he wants to be held close to the body. My wife is certainly happy with the snuggling.

He was turning from tummy to back at 2 weeks. But that might have been because his head was so much heavier than his body, that once he got going, it was easy to do. He did that for a week, and then gained weight and has not been turning over anymore.

I have yet to be peed on, unlike my wife, multiple times.

We brought him to church today. We will wait to bless him until we move to Washington.
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There will be a call to action for helping refugees, including a program wherein members open up their homes to help tens of thousands relocate, helping the refugees learn English, obtain employment, and NOT trying to convert them. They will change religions on their own if they so desire. For those that do not have large enough homes, there will be a new perpetual immigration fund.
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Doctrines & Scholarship / Re: Abraham and Isaac
« on: March 10, 2018, 02:14:10 pm »
What I find most unbelievable from the Abraham story is that Sarah had a son at the age written about her. But I have difficulty with the ages and life spans as presented in the old testament.
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Mormon Life / Re: The Tender Mercies/Answered Prayers Thread
« on: March 10, 2018, 12:51:12 pm »
The second group offered me a job.

I am still awaiting my license, then I can apply for a new DEA number in my new state, then I can complete the paperwork for hospital privileges. 3-4 months of torture to go.

What I thought was a tender mercy, that MD emailing to take my place and work for my group the very next day, he changed his mind. He is not coming. This reinforces my hesitance to call something a tender mercy or divine intervention too early.
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General Discussion / Re: Question about your talents
« on: March 10, 2018, 12:45:38 pm »
In learning I believe that knowing the right question to ask is harder than finding the answer. In that case, identifying is more important.

However, with talents I do not believe that you can identify them until you have given it enough hard work, diligence, and discipline to see if you have that talent or can disqualify it. To become a master at something the commonly held belief is 10,000 hours spent working at it. We cannot all spend 10,000 hours at every task to see if we have a talent for it. For most tasks a few hundred to several thousand hours may be enough to see if you will develop it well enough to continue it on. So for talents, you need to do it to know how to identify it.

If you are speaking about Gifts of the Spirit, then that is something different entirely. But again, I do not think you can identify which one you may possess unless you try.
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Doctrines & Scholarship / Re: Abraham and Isaac
« on: March 06, 2018, 09:17:16 pm »
For me, one point of the story is that Abraham had just fled a place where the people practiced human sacrifice. Abraham must have really developed the ability to know when God was speaking to him verses his own inner voice. If this was me, I would further need to be sure that it was not schizophrenia. Since I know that I currently have not experienced that level of clarity of communication with God, I can be sure that any such thoughts like that are not of God.
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General Discussion / Re: Judgmental
« on: March 04, 2018, 08:13:30 pm »
I think our judgements are often clouded by small sample size. Knowing someone of a particular race, religion, gender, etcetera, and seeing how they behave is not enough sample size to let us judge wisely. Experience can give one wisdom to make better judgements, but that must be true experience. I have placed over 1100 epidurals for labor pain. I am starting to get a good sample size to know how women laboring will respond to what I say and do. What I have learned is there is a wide variety of responses to stress and pain, but they do fall within typical patterns. The more I do, the more I will be able to tailor the experience to the individual. Also the more forgiving I am of everyone's frailties.
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Forum and Member News / Re: Baby Boy
« on: February 24, 2018, 10:44:37 am »
He is a champion sleeper. He occasionally awakens for food and diaper changes. He has gained some weight back. My 3 year old loves everything about him, except for breast feeding. That makes her nervous.
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General Discussion / Re: New Exhibit
« on: February 20, 2018, 08:26:33 am »
Are you a fan of Futurama? Their portrayal of 1000 year old history is just like that.
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Doctrines & Scholarship / Re: The Fall
« on: February 17, 2018, 07:41:22 pm »
If the story is changing to match new understanding, which I think it is, then I think it will continue to change as we learn more about evolution and the physical origin of humans and the earth.
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Mormon Life / Re: The Tender Mercies/Answered Prayers Thread
« on: February 17, 2018, 06:06:42 pm »
So far the first group I wanted to work with no longer has a position available, so I am now awaiting word from the second group. I was last in contact with them in December. They may end up being a better fit, as I won't lose many of the skills I have been working on in the other group.

In other news our baby boy came 3 weeks early. I think he wanted to beef up for the exodus west.
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Forum and Member News / Baby Boy
« on: February 17, 2018, 06:01:59 pm »
We had a baby boy on Valentine's day. He came about 3 weeks early and was small (5 lbs) like his big sister (5 lbs 4 ounces). Because of flu restrictions, big sister (3 years old) hasn't seen him yet. He needed the UV lights overnight for a mildly elevated bilirubin and a warmer because he wasn't staying warm enough. It took him a few days to learn to nurse. But he should come home tomorrow. I have the house temperature turned up to 80 degrees.

We named him Merrick. My name begins with J, my wife's with K, our daughter's with L, so we kept the alphabet going and named him with an M. It was hard to pick a name for him. There are a few meanings for Merrick, but for Germanic, the Mer comes from fame, power, and strength, and Rick from Richard which means King or ruler.  Famous/Powerful/Strong King. He'll grow into it.
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Technical Talk / Re: Smells Like Scam
« on: February 13, 2018, 11:24:25 pm »
Why do scammers use such poor word choice. The words just do not fit together as having come from a native English speaker.

"Kindly", "funds", "safe keep", "I am a military soldier", "troop on war against terrorism", "I seek your partnership", "in the claim of", "$8,500,000 US Dollars", "upon your response". These are all just wrong word choices.
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Mormon Life / Re: The Tender Mercies/Answered Prayers Thread
« on: February 01, 2018, 04:53:47 pm »

This is possibly the last thread I would have thought to be posting on, as I have found it difficult to find specific answers to prayers. But something wonderful actually happened. First, some background. I am an anesthesiologist and work in a small mid-west town a few hours from my wife's parents. It is a difficult job, having to do 24 hour shifts every fifth day, becoming zombie like the day after, eating too much and not being able to exercise. I am often run ragged due to being paged to do multiple things at the same time. I think I have lost 10 years off of my life expectancy. I became president of the group 2 years ago. A constant problem has been retention and recruitment of enough MDs and CRNAs. I have been able to hire people, but have also lost people.

Our original plan was to work hard and stay here for 10 years, earning enough money that I could "retire" if I wanted to, but then I could find a job that I enjoyed more or work fewer hours and get my health back in order. However, this last summer my father had a stroke that is severely affecting him. He lives with my mom out on the west coast. My little sister lives near them, but they take care of her more than she can take care of them. Shortly after that we had a family reunion back home with them. My wife and I both thought it could be a good idea for us to move back to them and help out. I interviewed with 2 anesthesia groups, but didn't get any strong feeling that it was the right thing to do at the time. I thought my group had too much turmoil in it and I couldn't leave it. And my wife was pregnant and we would have to move in the winter or wait a bit and move about the time she was due. The winter is the busiest time of the year in surgery, as many people want to use up their deductibles, and we were short staffed, so it was again a difficult winter.

We successfully made it to the new year and I started contemplating moving back home, again. I finally came to the realization that I do not have an obligation to make my company perfect before I can leave. And the timing will be better. My wife is due in just 5 weeks, and moving a few months after that would give us more pleasant weather. We went to the temple to pray about it. My wife felt it was the right decision. I thought it was right, but didn't have a strong confirmation. But we decided we should move.

So, after that background, here is the tender mercy portion. The day after we committed to moving I received an email from another anesthesiologist stating that he would like to apply for a job with my group. He has family in the area, graduated a few years ago from a prestigious residency, and had been working in a very similar style practice, but in a practice that might not be stable financially long term in a location that he did not like. He came and interviewed later that week and has said he wants the job. I am just waiting on his references before I officially hire him. But for me, who has struggled finding enough staff, to have someone basically want the job the very next day after we committed to moving is an answer to my prayer. I do not too often ascribe things to divine intervention, but somehow he must have been inspired to look into my advertisement online.

This week I finished my application for a state medical license in my home state (that is a long process). I also need to contact one of those anesthesia groups to see if they still actually have a job available. But they, too, were short several people, so I think I should be safe. It is a significant pay cut, but we were frugal enough these first 5 years that we should have no problem with that. I will also be able to have a much more regular sleep cycle and should be able to improve my health. We are going to move in with my parents for a while, until we find a place of our own. I think my 3 year old is going to extend my dad's life by a couple of years, as she has so much cheer and joy and just adores her grandpa.
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Mormon Life / Re: The Salt Lake Tribune: "Mormon missionaries dying"
« on: February 01, 2018, 03:05:31 pm »
We called new missionaries "golden" and had "golden conference" when you became a trainer and picked up your new companion.

Trunky was a common expression. My dad said they used to say, "sitting on your trunks" in his day.

Denglisch was german/english combination.

I met my "grandson" when I returned 2 years later. I happened to find some missionaries and learned that the missionary I had trained had trained him.

Then we had the silly JW Knights (Jay-Dub), our mission's take on Jedi Knights. This was for missionaries that were very well versed in the scriptures so that they could meet with the Jehovah's Witnesses without getting overwhelmed with scriptures. Typically your trainer had to be one. I thought it was a little rude, so I didn't let my "grandson" know that he could have been one. Plus, that line of thinking typically led to arguments. I had many great interactions with Jehovah's Witnesses when we honestly tried to learn each other's point of view, rather than trying to convince them through brute force.
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